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Abdul Wahab

by on May 5, 2014

Abdul Wahab was born on September 26, 1947 in Baghdad, Iraq

Abdul Wahab was born on September 26, 1947 in Baghdad, Iraq.

A dual interest in painting and architecture divides his time.


B.S.C. Architecture from Alexandria University in Egypt 1965 to 1972

Painting study: Alexandria Egypt 1966-1968 private studies under Prof. Saif Wanely

Further studies under Malva

Architectural Practice:

Baghdad, Iraq: Iraqi Council, Arch. Rifat Chadirji

S. Wales, Newport, U.K.: H.D. Watkins

Wahab has also had architectural practice with Prof. Hannes Lintl, Prof. Karl Schwanzer, and Prof. Auton Schweighofor.

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