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Alfano Alfredo Dardari

by on August 7, 2017

Alfano Alfredo Dardari, deceased Italian surrealistic painter (1924-1988).

Alfano Alfredo Dardari, deceased surrealistic painter, born in Meldola, Italy in 1924. Dardari painted Trompe-l’œil , ‘to fool the eye’, paintings. This involved using extremely realistic imagery to create objects that appeared to be three-dimensional although they were on a two dimensional surface. His paintings have been described as “metaphysical hyper-realism.” Dardari’s paintings tend to consist mainly of still-life depictions containing roses and orchids, cigarettes and wooden matchsticks, which appear to have just been put out with smoke rising from them. Dardari received the ‘Golden Brush Award’ in 1979. Alfano Alfredo Dardari died in 1988.

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