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Anatolly Shlapak

by on April 30, 2015

Anatolly Shlapak, deceased Russian. Born in Odessa near the Black Sea (Odessa 1929 – USA 2014)


Anatolly Shlapak was born in Russia in 1929 in Odessa near the Black Sea (Odessa 1929 – USA 2014)

Academic oil painter, Anatolly Shlapak, was born in Russia in 1929 in Odessa near the Black Sea. There he met his wife, Elena. They both attended the College of Fine Arts in the Ukraine and married in 1948 shortly after their graduation. They then moved to St. Petersburg, where Elena became a pattern maker and costume designer, even working on productions at the Bolshoi Theatre, and Anatoly created Russian movie posters and murals. In 1979, the couple moved to New York to escape repressive national politics and an impoverished economy. Anatolly  found work as a textile painter and then as a professional artist represented by Arnot Gallery in New York, while Elena worked for fashion designer Norma Kamali as well as creating her own designs with a fellow Russian dressmaker. They moved to Walton in upstate New York in 1995, but after a terrible flood, they moved to Lithia Springs, Georgia, in 2007, where Anatoly died in November of 2014. Shalpak’s personal work revolves around bright, impressionistic still lives mixed with figurative works and landscapes. While impressionistic, his work is highly detailed, showcasing both a depth of color and richness of light and shadow. In Flowers, a still life of several bouquets of vibrant flowers bundled in a variety of planters and vases, each petal is accented by an energetic stroke, almost as if the piece is vibrating with life. Shlapak’s love of flowers can be seen in all of his paintings. The artist’s work has been exhibited in international art expositions and professional galleries in New York, Russia and Paris. His portrait of Ronald Reagan was recognized by the White House in 1981; and one of his landscapes now resides with the Walton Historical Society. Shlapak continued to paint on a daily basis until he died, and his eye for movement and color were enduring features of his work.


Graduated from I.Repin Institute in Saint-Petersburg. Anatoly Shlapak was member of the Russian Union of Artists.

Paintings by Anatoly Shlapak  are presented in:
· Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia
· Museum of Academic Art, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
· Museum of Fine Art, Smolensk, Russia

Above original paintings by Anatolly Shlapak are a few of a larger collection available for purchase in the gallery.  Please call the gallery for inquiries.


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