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Armando Romano

by on January 22, 2013

Armando Romano, Italian Artist born in 1953.

In 1953 artist Armando Romano was born in Naples, Italy. Armando is principally regarded for capturing the unique spirit of Venice and Tuscany, scenes of which he captures in oil paint on small canvases. Each painting depicts a little vignette of Venetian life, or a small corner in a Tuscan village. Armando’s work is deeply rich in coloration, with detail captured through his skilled use of light. Many people find Armando’s work reminiscent of their personal Italian travels. His paintings capture the spirit of the places visited and remind of this special corner of Italy.

Paintings by Armando may be found on permanent exhibition at Arnot Gallery in New York City.

Publications: Milan 1969 Art Magazine; L’Arte Moderna; Florenze 1970 Art Magazine; Arte Italiana per il Mondo; Milan 1977 Art Magazine; Arte Contemporanea Annuario Comed 11, 1984

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