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Chuck Oberstein

by on April 2, 2015

Chuck Oberstein, deceased American (1935 – 2002). Best know for clown paintings.

Chuck Oberstein American Artist: (1935-2002). He is famous for his clown paintings. He was born in East Los Angeles December 18th, 1935. Beginning in Europe in his early twenties, Chuck quickly worked his way to an extremely successful one-man-show in the art gallery at Disneyland. Occasionally, he was even referred to as the “Magician”. A great deal of Chuck Oberstein’s subjects are real life, award-winning performers, who have been featured in international circuses, major parades, network television, and at the White House. Chuck Oberstein, who died in 2002, has left his stamp on the world and will surely be remembered for as long as people enjoy clowns.
Detailed History:
Chuck Oberstein was a jeweler in the ‘family business’ and once worked at a diamond retail store when he was encouraged to be an artist by a friend. He began painting in Europe and painted for over 40 years.  He used live models including many family members as themselves and as clowns.  His favorite artist was Rembrandt.  He joined the Army, creating murals for the buildings where he was stationed in England.  Chuck put the number 442 in his paintings, sometimes interestingly hidden and often obvious in reference to 442 Ackley St. Monterey Park, CA., the place where he first began to paint again after he returned from Europe.  For many years he let collectors guess what the ‘442’ was all about and loved not telling and hearing their guesses.  Oberstein believed clowns represent freedom, because they will do anything.  He was a vegetarian, loved jazz, playing the piano, weight lifting, running, golf, skiing, body surfing, dancing, sports, tennis, dogs, horses, family and friends.  His whimsical clowns represent the many things he loved in life.  Oberstein was married twice, first to Loretta Montrose Oberstein and then to Judy Oberstein.  He had three children with Loretta: Teri, Chance and Rozy.

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