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Claudio Secchi

by on May 10, 2016

Claudio Secchi, deceased Italian artist, born in Milan Italy in 1920.

Claudio Secchi, deceased Italian artist, born in Milan Italy in 1920.  He lived and worked in the Lombardy region of Italy until he died.  Date of death unknown.


“The artist Claudio Secchi took the common denominators between the great monotheistic and polytheistic ones; among those that dominate the western and eastern culture. The originality of this lies in having grasped that all religions are true spiritual food of man, the true explanation of our existence, the light of our encouragement ground. And in the light, in color, in their act and interact that determine the unconscious meanings of being part of an expression of an infinite Universal Spirit or Being creation and salvation. And the sense of infinity that affects his creativity and reverberates these perfect visual games of Cabalistic recall, nearly a read their fate in the seductive game and charming kaleidoscope……..…..Transcendence does not mean choosing between different religions known, but to grasp the uniqueness of the feeling and sense of religiosity that pervades the whole of humanity and the essence of life.”

Professor Franchino Falsetto, Art critic

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