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Claus Wenskus

by on December 9, 2015

Claus Wenskus also known as Nikolaus Wenskus or Klaus Wenskus, deceased German (August 17, 1891 – 1966). Marine Artist.

Claus Wenskus also known as Nikolaus Wenskus or Klaus Wenskus was born on August 17th 1891 in Altona, Germany (outside of Hamburg). A marine artist, Wenskus was completely focused on Clipper Ships on the high seas as well as outside the port of Hamburg.  Wenskus was a wounded soldier from World War I.  When he returned home he went into business in Hamburg with a Commercial Coffee Roastery.  Initially he painted as a hobby.  Living in the vicinity of the port of Hamburg gave Wenskus the atmosphere of the port.  Seafaring was so familiar to him that he found most of his motives at the port.  In 1943 his home was destroyed by bombing from World War II.  He moved to North Friesland in Germany where he devoted himself to painting.  The paintings by Wenskus can be found in shipping companies as well as in private collections. Wenskus died in 1966.

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