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Domingo Huetos

by on December 28, 2015

Domingo Huetos, deceased Spanish artist (1921 – 2005)

Domingo Huetos, deceased Spanish artist (1921 – 2005). Domingo Huetos, Spanish artist from Madrid Spain, and painter famous for his semi-nude and portraits of women with intimacy and for his still-life subjects. Huetos usually presents picturesque people in folk costume, in which his careful drawing with strong contrasts of light and shadow are outstanding. Example of this were the works he used to illustrate four MAXAM Foundation calendars (in 1955, 1964, 1967 and 1978). This taste for realism, and strong expressive contrasts, as well as his rejection of the avant-garde and foreign influences, in 1956 led him to be a founding member of the “Velázquez Group”, as a tribute to the painter from Seville who he deeply admired. Other members of the group included artists of unquestionable prestige such as Antonio Casero.
His awards include a prize from the General Directorate for Fine Arts, a first prize from the Madrid Municipal Council and the gold medal at the 1950 edition of the Salón de otoño.  The paintings by Domingo Huetos are proudly exhibited in the permanent collection of the MAXAM Foundation in Madrid, Spain.
The paintings in the Arnot Gallery collection are circa early 1960’s.

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