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Donatella Bedello

by on February 26, 2014

 Donatella Bedello, born in March 1950 in Turin, Italy.
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Donatella Bedello was born in March 1950 in Turin, a north-western industrial city of Italy.

She has loved painting since she was a child, and attended several painting classes throughout her life, during which she specialized in painting on ceramic and fabric.

After graduating and getting a high school diploma with specialization in teacher training, she became a teacher. For many years Donatella wrote theatric plays, drew and built set designs and stage costumes for her pupils’ theatre plays which took place in some of the most important theaters of the city.

In the 1990’s  Donatella became the pupil of Luigi Rocca, great Italian hyperrealist painter. From Mr Rocca, she particularly learned to discover and appreciate details and small particulars and how to represent them.

After running her own Gallery for many years, Donatella decided to paint again.

She chose colorful, busy, typical American shop windows for her new painting subject matter.

She merges her passions of the United States, shops and puzzles onto canvas.

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