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Eric Mason

by on July 6, 2017

Eric Mason, British artist deceased (1921 – 1986)

Eric Mason was born in 1921, lived and painted in the area of London England.  As a painter, Eric specialized in the portrayal of the Household Cavalry by Defense Lifeguards along with The Blues and Royals forming the Household Cavalry to the Queen of England.  The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment Horseguard and The Queen’s Lifeguards are always part of the daily procession riding by Buckingham Palace to honor the Queen of England. The texture of the paintings has a sandy feeling to the touch creating an interesting perspective.  The backgrounds of his paintings have a more ‘abstraction’ in style to the more traditional painting of the Horse guards in the foreground, giving the ‘illusion’ of motion of the riders on their processions. Besides cultivating a successful painting career as an artist, Eric fancied himself to be a magician.  Although an amateur magician he added his skills as an artist by painting illustrations for a number of magic books including ‘Thirteen Steps to Mentalism’ and Patrick Page’s ‘Big Book of Magic’.  In addition Eric illustrated the British magic magazine ‘Pabular’.  Eric Mason died in 1986.

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