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Franz Xaver Wölf

by on October 6, 2014

Franz Xaver Wölf, Austrian, deceased (1896 – 1990)

Franz Xaver Wölf was a painter who painted in oils.
He was born in Vienna on the June 11, 1896. Wölf was a pupil of the Academies of Vienna and also at Munich.
Wölf’s subjects include still life, landscapes and figurative genre scenes. His paintings are vibrant, responding wonderfully to the intensity of light and atmosphere. With his interiors he became the perfect recorder of that glorious period in which the well-to-do British Society of the 18th Century dressed richly. Franz Xaver Wölf died in 1990.
The Original Oil Painting displayed above was purchase directly from the artist, Franz Xaver Wölf during his life. It is painted on panel and can be found in the Arnot Gallery Collection.

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