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George W. Drew

by on September 17, 2013

George W. Drew, American artist, was born in New York City on 21 December 1875 and died in 1968.

George W. Drew was born in New York City on 21 December 1875. This talented but unknown artist painted jewel-like, luminous, and meticulous yet magical landscapes such as Fall Landscape. His teachers were John Califano (1864-1946), largely a California painter, and Henry P. Smith (1854-1907). The latter seems to have passed on his tight technique of rendering New England landscapes to Drew. Califano probably helped Drew submit works to the National Academy of Design — both painters had works on display there at the end of the 1890s. Drew’s The Squatter’s Home appeared there in 1898 then he became involved with Allied Artists of America, but he appears to have been inactive until the mid 1930s when he exhibited at Salons of America (1935-36) and at the Society of Independent Artists (1935-42). Peter Falk notes that Drew executed a mural in Mount Vernon, New York’s Travers Island Yacht House. Drew died in New York City in 1968.

1898: National Academy of Design New York, NY
Newark Museum
New York State Fair
New York Museum of Science and Industry

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