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Graham Petley

by on December 30, 2013

Graham Petley, English Landscape Artist, [England 1944- ]

Graham Petley was born in Essex, England in 1944.  Educated at the Headley Walter School before attending the South East College in Design.  Early occupations included window dressing and deep sea fishing. In 1972 he opened an art gallery in England working to promote various artists while continuing to paint.  In 1980 Graham sold his gallery to concentrate full time on painting. Since 1990 he has exhibited more widely and his tranquil paintings of the countryside in Devon, Cornwall Scotland and other areas in England have found their way into many fine collections, including that of the Royal Saudi Family.  Graham Petley has been represented in the Arnot Gallery since the early 1990’s.

“This is what I wanted to do all my life, and now it’s coming together.  It has been a long term plan, but the plan has worked”, says Graham Petley.  “I’m know for painting mood paintings and they have to have a certain light or I won’t paint them. Providing my paintings have a sense of light and spontaneity and I can capture that, I am happy.  Mood is an important part of painting.  In the morning you get very soft pearly light and in the evenings a warm glow over the landscape.  I paint with feeling and emotion and I have to be in the right mood, and that magic moment lasts for only a short time.  It’s as if someone has come along and sprinkled a little bit of magic.”

Graham is known for his fresh, vibrant colors.  His work attracted the attention of a member of the Saudi Royal Family who purchased a number of his paintings.  “They are the only people who can afford to buy up the big chateau in France which are going to rack and ruin, and once they are repaired they want paintings they like on the walls.” Said Graham. “They expect quality and the pictures have to up to the mark or they would not buy them.”

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