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Gustave Alaux

by on February 15, 2013

Gustave Alaux, French Marine Artist, (Bordeaux, 1887 – Paris, 1965).

Gustave Alaux, was born on August 21, 1887 in Bordeaux France. Alaux died February 27, 1965 in the Montmartre Cemetary in Paris.  Gustave Alaux was a French painter and illustrator.

The complete name of Gustave Alaux is: Gustave Louis Michel Alaux.  Gustave was the son of Augustin-Daniel Alaux, painter, architect and curator of the future museum of Bordeaux (1853-1933) and the Breton painter Louise Alexandrine Lucie Cloarec. Gustave Alaux was from a large family of painters Alaux and Ford.

Gustave’s paternal grandparents were John Paul Louis Gustave Alaux, architect (1816, Bordeaux 1882 Bordeaux) and Jenny Ford (1832-1909), painter, who were cousins.

His grandmother, Jenny Ford was the daughter of Julien Michel, said Cheri Gué, (1789-1843), a painter and decorator of the Gaiety Theatre, born in Cape-Town-French (Santo Domingo July 12, 1789, died in Paris on 13 December 1843, and Clotilde Françoise Rosine Delon Corbières.

Gustave Alaux was the cousin of Jean-Paul Alaux, architect, watercolorist and writer with whom he contributed to several books. Jean-Pierre Alaux painter was the son of his cousin François Alaux.


Career of the Artist:

Gustave Alaux was a student in 1907 in the Beaux-Arts in Paris, he was a pupil of Maurice Baschet (1862-1941) and from 1914 was in the class of Henri Royer at the Académie Julian.

During World War II between 1915 and 1916, he was appointed to a propaganda mission in Italy, Switzerland and the United States in collaboration with the painter Raoul Cooper, which was mandated by the Department of the Army and he produced a series of 95 bright prints under the title “the legend of France.” On several occasions, he exhibited at the Salon of French artists where he won a silver medal in 1920 with “Christopher Columbus arriving for the New World” and a gold medal in 1927.

Gustave Alaux’s painting, “Saint-Malo corsair”, was exhibited in 1930: an impressive size  this painting was bought by the owner of the Hotel de l ‘ universe in Saint-Malo. Today it is visible at the Brasserie des Voyageurs adjacent to the hotel.

Alaux joined “The Sabord” learned society founded by Charles Fouqueray in May 1926, whose general goal “of keeping the memories of all that is connected with the navy and to associate its efforts … for the integral conservation of Marine Museum at the Louvre, to protect him.”

Gustave Alaux’s passion for marine an his passion to paint lead to his integration into the body painters of the Navy Department. His candidacy was accepted on September 2nd, 1926.

In 1928 he painted two paintings, “The Battle of Beachy Head” and “The Battle of Barfleur” to the admiral lounge Tourville cruiser.

He was raised in the Legion of Honor knight grade (promotion of Minister of Marine Georges Leygues) in 1928 and was promoted to Officer in 1950. He subsequently carried out several works for the Navy.

Alongside his activities painter Gustave Alaux began as an illustrator. He became the artistic director Editions of the Golden Galleon where he published with Jean-Paul Alaux, his cousin, “Ulysses in the Caribbean” (1935).

He was commissioned by the mayor of Paris in 1932, a painting of the ship Ville de Paris (after the painter’s directions Pierre Le Conte) that the city offers to the Museum of Mount Vernon (USA).

Alaux painted two large decorative panels (2m x 3m) for the Palace of the French Empire in the New York World’s Fair in 1939: each panel represents the export of French colonial products, one past and the other in 1930 (purchased by Compagnie Générale Transatlantique in New York). active member Marine Salon, he became board member from 1944 to 1949 and was a member of the Board of A.A.M.M. (Association of Friends of the Maritime Museum). He joined the Naval Academy in 1946.

In 1954 Gustave Alaux was attacked and left paralyzed. Until 1964, he continued to send stories to magazines such as “Documentation Naval History Committee (Nice area).”

Gustave Alaux died on February 27, 1965 in Paris.

The subjects of his paintings are usually related to the maritime and colonial history. He was also reporter for the Marine Academy in 1950.


Published Collections:

Bordeaux Museum of Decorative Arts and Design: Portrait of Pierre Jeanvrot (1908) – Portrait of Henry Jeanvrot (1907)

Dunkirk, Museum of Fine Arts: Jean Bart passes (1933)

Neuvic, Town Hall: Happy Colony, deposit Fonds national d’art contemporain

Riom, Mandet museum: Ascension of ballooning Marie Antoinette at Versailles June 23, 1784

Rodez, Denys Puech Museum: Walk along the sea deposit Fonds national d’art contemporain

Saint-Malo, Mayor ‘? The Why Not’ ” deposit Fonds national d’art contemporain

Paris, Rector of the Academy of Paris: The vessel coming from France deposit Fonds national d’art contemporain

paris; Ministry of Education, Research and Technology: A great wedding deposit Fonds national d’art contemporain

Paris, National Museum of the Navy:

Battle of Beachy Head July 10, 1690, (1928)

Battle of Barfleur May 26, 1692, (1928)

Alain Gerbault aboard the Firecrest arriving in Tahiti March 18, 1926, (1943)

Arrival of the squadron of Grasse in Santo Domingo (1943)

Le Bailli de Suffren arrived in Port-Louis Ile-de-France November 12, 1783, (1945)

Bougainville arrived in Tahiti in 1728

news, Inv land.

La Fin du Soleil Royal



A gateway to Europe, Nantes, for the Rotary Club, and by Beuchet Vanden Brugge, illustrations by Gustave Alaux, Gobo, Geo Ham, Albert Brenet, Félix Lorioux, Jean Picard Le Doux, Jean Bouchaud, Michel Bouchaud, Paul Ordner Mathurin Méheut and Jean-Adrien Mercier, 1951

Ravenau OF LUSSAN, ALAUX Jean-Pierre, ALAUX, Gustave, “The Buccaneers of the South Sea”, Paris, Ed. Of the Golden Galleon, 1926

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Notes and references:

Montmartre Cemetery, 33rd Division, St. Charles Avenue, Paris

buried in Montmartre, in the 14th Division, with his wife in second wedding, Jeanne Fleurine Emilia-Sillan

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