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Hein Hoppmann

by on August 23, 2016

Hein Hoppmann, deceased German artist (1901-1982).

Born in Rheinberg, Germany,  in 1901 and died in 1982. Hein Hoppmann exhibited an early fascination for painting. He attended the German School of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts, both in Berlin, Germany. He studied oil painting with a palette knife under Michi Bibi in Munich, Germany. Hein Hoppmann went on to have exhibitions in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and Munich Germany; Vienna, Austria; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and New York, USA. His first exhibitions, around 1922, were comprised of drawings and watercolors. From 1937 on he used the palette knife technique with oil paints. His subjects were numerous ranging from landscapes, architecture, cities, ships, ports, workers, musicians, interiors, old men, etc.  One of his best subjects were of his concert recitals. Many of his works from 1930 to 1944 are understandably missing or destroyed. And with World War II came a noticeable darkening in his color palette … the paintings became dramatically dark, punctuated by color points which seem to shine.  Hein Hoppmann is the subject of a book by Dr. Hatto Kuffman; ‘Hein Hoppmann – A Painter Between Tradition and Autonomy’. Hoppmann’s work is in the private collection of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

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