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William Herczeg

by on January 22, 2013

William Herczeg born in Szekszárd, Hungary in 1958.

William Herczeg was born in Szekszárd, Hungary in 1958.

At the age of 14 Herczeg attended the Art School in Pécs.  Despite his youth, Herczeg achieved success in a very short period of time, even before finishing his studies.

His Teacher was Foth Erno from whom he learned graphics and model design.  Romantic houses and towns always appealed to Mr. Herczeg, and he developed his talent towards this style.

Besides getting acquainted with general branches of applied and fine arts at the Academy for Arts, he learned object and environment planning beginning in 1977.  His diploma work in 1982 was a sight plan of one of the most beautiful and decisive boulevards in Budapest.

Wm. Herczeg always looked towards Bonington, Cornelis Springer and the German Master, Spitzweg for inspiration.  As a European artist, he follows the classic European styles in terms of topic, contents and workmanship as well.

Paintings by Mr. Herczeg can be found on permanent exhibition with Arnot Gallery, New York.

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