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Ignacio Gil

by on December 5, 2013

Ignacio Gil, deceased (Barcelona Spain, 1913-2003)

Ignacio Gil was born in Barcelona and began his studies at the city’s art school at nine years of age. His teachers were Fèlix Mestres and Vicenç Borràs Abellà. He received the Silver Medal from this art school in 1930, wining his scholarship.

Few artists can be described as complete painters, but Ignacio Gil was one of them, because painting held no secrets for him and no theme could resists his look and his paintbrushes. A tireless and insatiable traveler, throughout his constant trips he recorded the movement of people in oriental markets, the exoticness of Islamic countries, marketplaces, small towns in the foothills of the Andes.

Any theme from daily life when seen through his brushwork captured by his artistic voracity and was immediately transformed into a painting full of beauty, and color.

Ignacio Gil died in 2003.  His vision of paintings was dominated by the light of the Mediterranean and the colors in which sienna, ochre and the blue of the sea allow us to see the landscapes his impressionist eyes.

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