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Igor Pantuhoff. Born Russia, deceased (1911 – 1972). Resided in America.

Igor Pantuhoff Biography

Born in Russia in 1911, he emigrated to the U.S. and studied with Hans Hoffman. For two years he and Lee Krasner lived together in New York, sharing an apartment with Harold and May Rosenberg. Pantuhoff allegedly left New York without telling Krasner and became known in the 1960’s for his big-eye portraits.

A brief obituary in the September 27, 1972, edition of The New York Times says Igor Pantuhoff died on Sept. 25, 1972.

Igor also painted under the name “Norman” and “Frome”, signing A. Norman and/or Frome.  These were his beach scenes painted in the Hamptons.

1911 (White Russia)


Lived and Painted
New York

On permanent exhibition with Arnot Gallery, Herbert Arnot Inc. in New York City. Herbert Arnot purchased Igor’s paintings directly from the artist over twenty years. During that time Igor would visit the gallery with his painting delivery on a regular basis.

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