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by on November 1, 2013

István BIAI-FÖGLEIN was born in Banska Bystrica, Hungary October 20, 1905 died Budapest, Nov. 15, 1974

1924-1929:  Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Masters Vaszary János István Kiss. 1927-1928: 300 pengő Lord Rothermere Award, 1929-1930: State Scholarship, 1932: Company Szinyei laudatory recognition; 1934: Balló Ede Award. After graduating from college in France, received a scholarship.  Then, many times he studied in France, Italy (1934) and Holland (1938). 1936-1937-Szolnok in the colony was a guest. In 1954 he was included from the alliance (Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Arts). At the same time illustrated the book “The Crescent Moon by Géza Gárdonyi.  Kisorosziban spent his summers from 1960.  Herman Lipóttal close friendship and working relationship. Early during his stay in Paris at the École de Paris Vaszary.  Later he painted mainly paintings depicting the interiors away from this method of composition, but also to good use in his brilliant professionalism.Usually painted the same room, which was also his studio and residence, so images can be found in the motives of both painting accessories, like a typical day civilian objects. Szobabelsőit through windows, mirrors multiplying the screen. In the 50s, from plein air landscapes painted.  In his last period of the etchings, graphic reproductions made.

Masters Vaszary John, Stephen Kiss.

Solo Exhibitions
1928 • [• Berény including Robert, Kormendy Friman Ervin] Ernst Museum, Budapest
1930 [Ecsődi Ákos, Zoltan Klie, Marcus Imre, Jeno Szantrucsek]
1931 [inter alia • Urban Dezső]
1933 Ernst Museum, Budapest [Ambrosi Gustinus sculptor]
1937, 1941 • Thomas Gallery, Budapest
1946 Szalmássy Gallery, Budapest
1959 • Greeting Gallery, Budapest (Cat.)
1965 Derkovits Hall, Budapest (Cat.)
1967 • Nest Club, Budapest
1973 • Pécs
1975 • Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (Cat.)
1977 • Szekszard
1985 •Csontváry Room 1985, Pécs
1989 • Greeting Gallery, Budapest (kat).

Selected Group Exhibitions
1926 New Artists’ Society III., Ernst Museum, Budapest • Mohács memory, Ernst Museum, Budapest
1927 New Artists’ Society IV., Szinyei Society Spring Exhibition, National Salon, Budapest
1928 International Aktkiállítás, Secession, Vienna
1929 Paál Laszlo Hall, National Salon, Budapest • Nürnberg
1932, 1938 •XVIII., XXI. Venice Biennale, Venice
1932, 1938 • Kunsthalle, Budapest
1932, 1933 • Munkácsy Guild exhibition, Ernst Museum, Budapest
1933 • Memorial, National Salon, Budapest
1940 • Belgrade
1952 Szolnok art, Kunsthalle, Budapest
1957 Spring Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest.

Public art works
Janus Pan Museum, Pécs
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest.

Murányi E. Smith (Cat., bev. Tan., Kiss Gallery, Budapest, 1959)
Academy of Fine Arts Research and Documentation, 116-text archive
Illustration, Art, 1968th október October
Kiss, Á.: Visit more than ~, art collector, 1970 / 3
G. (Cat., bev. Tan., Hungarian National Gallery, 1975).


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