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J. Ripoll

by on February 9, 2016

J. Ripoll, Spanish Catalan artist born 1935.

Ripoll was born in Barcelona, Spain on February 5, 1935. At 16 years of age she began taking drawing classes at the Llotja School of Arts and Crafts (Escuela de Artes y Oficios). Subsequently she attend the Superior School of Fine Arts (La Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes), where she studied al fresco techniques and figure drawing. Ripoll completed her artistic development with courses in perspective drawing and costume design at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona (El Instituto del Teatro de Barcelona). She also dedicated several years to creating costume and fashion designs for fashion magazines. Ripoll finally decided to devote herself to oil painting, primarily with flowers and still life as her subject matter.

Ripoll’s solo shows in Barcelona Spain include:
1999, Galeria L’Arcada Blanes
1999, Sala Rusinol San Cugat del Valles
1999, Galeria Kroma Menorca
2000, Galeria El Claustre Girona
2000, Galeria Pizarro 8 Valencia
2001, Galeria Comas Barcelona.
Group exhibitions include: SOKOA Madrid, COMAS Barcelona, KROMA Menorca, EL CLAUSTRE Girona, GRANERO Manresa, GRANERO Bruxelles, L’ARCADA Blanes, RUSINOL San Cugat, FOZ Sitges.
Publications and books in which Ripoll’s work appears include: “Revista GAL-ART”; “GUIA DEL ARTE”; “INTERIORES de J.M. Cadena”, Editor Vicens Corominas; “PINTORES Volumen I Sala Rusinol.

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