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Jean Abadie

by on February 26, 2016

Jean Abadie, deceased French (1921 – 2010).

Jean Abadie French artist born in 1921 was both poet and painter.  Abadie’s paintings had a harmonious blending of telluric colors reflecting warm light behind the cut-out shapes with sharpness, oblique rhythms behind emotional serenity emanating from each of his canvases. The artist stated:
“Before becoming a painter the artist must feel…..before knowing what we choose to express, what we cherish as a treasure, one must feel upset about one thing or another…perhaps even insignificant for others….but for oneself, a disproportionate importance. The great difficulty is whether, according to the quality of the spirit and gifts received at birth, humans will be able to express themselves in music than literature or painting.  To be an artist one must have a poetic soul.”
A book of 160 pages with many works, “Colors of Life” written by Béatrice Duhamel-Houplain and Rémi Rodier makes a beautiful tribute to the painter Abadie. Procom editions.In 2005, Jean Abadie was honored as the winner and recipient of the Clic d’or ‘Click 50’. Jean Abadie died in 2010.

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