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Jo (Josephus Alphonses) Schrynder

by on April 7, 2015

Jo (Josephus Alphonses) Schrynder, deceased Dutch artist (1894 – 1968).

Jo (Josephus Alphonses) Schrynder, deceased Dutch artist (1894 – 1968). His paintings were signed:
‘Jo Schrijnder’ or ‘Schrijnder’.

He was born in Druten, but also resided in Haaksbergen, Nijmegen and Voorhout


Moved to Grootebroek (Stedebroec) 1924 and resided there until 1946.


He was Mayor of Grootebroek and designed the Town Hall.  After 1946 he moved to Amstelveen where he died in 1968.


Literature on the artist:
Shin 1969-1970 , Vol. 2, p. 328 (as: Schrijnder, Alphonsus Josephus (“Jo”); *)


Jacobs 2000 , vol. 5, p. 350 (as: Schrijnder, Alphonsus Josephus (Jo))

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