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Jules René Hervé

by on January 22, 2013

Jules René Hervé, deceased, born in Langres, France (1887-1981)

All paintings by Jules René Hervé are framed.

Jules René Hervé was born in 1887 in Langres,  in Eastern France.

Hervé began his formal art studies in an evening school in Langres, France.  He traveled to Paris to continue his studies at the School of Decorative Arts, and later at the Fine Arts School. Herve exhibited paintings at the Salon of French Artists in 1910.  In 1914 he received the Silver Medal from the Association of French Artists.  Soon after, he volunteered to join the army during World War I.  From 1911 to 1943, he taught painting to many generations of young artists.

Jules René Hervé represents the purest tradition of French art. His paintings display a marvelous harmony of color and light. While his paintings are reminiscent of the earlier impressionist movement, Herve uses short brushstrokes to render his paintings focusing on the interplay of light and color.

Paintings by Hervé may be found in numerous museums in France; in the Petite Palais in Pads, at Langres, Troues Dijon, Saint-Etienne, Tourcoing, and Annecy. His work is also displayed abroad in the Chicago Museum and in Casablanca and in private international collections.

Named after an engineer-entrepreneur Mary Christophe Marie, the bridge itself was constructed from 1614 until 1635. One of the oldest bridges in Paris, Pont Marie is near Notre Dame.

French artist Jules René Hervé died in 1981. In the permanent collection of Arnot Gallery in New York.

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