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Jurek Jablonski

by on November 17, 2014

Jurek Jablonski born in 1943 in Warsaw, Poland. Moved to England.

Jurek Jablonski was born in 1943 in Warsaw, Poland.  His family moved to Krakow a year later after the collapse of the Warsaw Uprising.  He spent the next 35 years of his life in Krakow.  Jurek studied art for six years at The Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a diploma in 1968.  Between 1969- 1980 he worked as a freelance graphic designer but always considered painting as most important to him.  He painted mostly in oils.  Jurek Jablonski did not want to join any group of artists, as it was his intention to preserve his individual vision and to avoid being influenced by any tendency or style.  He came to England for the first time in 1980 and was fascinated by its unique character, especially the picturesque frontages of English pubs, restaurants and shops with their beautiful and inspiring color and details. All paintings in this gallery collection are available for purchase.

“For the first time perhaps since my happy days at the Academy, I can really relax and enjoy painting.  I use acrylic as a medium and paint with the finest sable brushes on small size boards.  This technique helps me to achieve fine detail and at the same time to control the composition and color.  I paint with almost photographic precision, but allow myself to “cheat” a little on perspective so as not to lose any details.  The warm light emanating from interiors, visible through the window, mixes with the reflections and shadows caused by the natural light.  This creates the atmosphere and somehow helps to add a third dimension to the painting.  All my paintings present images of existing places and although I sometimes improvise a little, I try to introduce a minimum number of changes in order to improve the composition and find the best form and colour.  I always make a pencil or ink sketch on the spot first, and only then do I take photographs that could be helpful later on in my studio.  I frequently work on the painting without any supportive photographic documentation.  Hunting for places to be painted contains the element of exploration, is very rewarding, and is great fun.  And an even greater enjoyment is not only being able to paint what I have seen but in the way in which I see it”.
Jurek Jablonski

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