Ken Valastro

by on February 19, 2014

Ken Valastro, American, deceased (1954 – 2014)

Born in New York City November 28, 1954 Ken Valastro has been a prolific artist since age three.  “I’m frequently drawn to the same subject matter that intrigued me as a child, such as figurative scenes and cityscapes.”  Encouraged by artistic parents (acclaimed fine art photographer father, potter and fiber arts mother) who shunned television, Ken made his own entertainment by drawing, spurred by an active imagination.  “I would look at cracked paint on the wall and see gestures of objects and figures.”  Family outings to New York City museums promoted an appreciation for all types of fine art. As a teenager He followed in his father Salvatore C. Valastro’s footsteps and became an award-winning photographer.  Valastro’s brushstrokes capture the essence of impressionistic images, allowing the viewer to exercise a bit of their own imagination.

“In my paintings, I aspire to offer the viewer a painterly expression of life’s visual memories.   I want those who experience my work to have an opportunity to complete my inpressions with whatever resonates from within them, maybe in a different way each time they see it.  A painting should offer some surprises.”

Ken died on September 16, 2014.


Advertising Design and Production Associates Degree 1975

Bachelors of Science, Business Degree 1989

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