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Lloyd van Pitterson

by on December 4, 2014

Lloyd van Pitterson, deceased born in Jamaica (1926-1997)

Lloyd Van Pitterson was born in Jamaica West Indies. After working in the rum industry for twenty-two years, and practicing art as a Sunday painter, he finally devoted himself, in 1965, to a full time artistic pursuit.

He studied art with Edna Manley, the leading West Indian sculptress, and was a student of Joe Locke, an English Impressionistic painter. Van Pitterson studied printmaking (the lithographic portion) in several areas of the U.S.A. and serigraphy with Jules Andres of Futura Screens in New Jersey. He taught art at Central Branch School in Jamaica, and created murals for Holiday Inn and the Olympia Hotel, Jamaica.

Lloyd van Pitterson directed his own art gallery in Jamaica, The Art Scene, before moving to the United States to live. His style is flexible, and ranges from sunny post-Impressionistic studies of balconies or windows opening onto the sea, to market scenes bustling with tropical activity, to landscapes and bold non-objective collages.

All of his works share a bold approach to composition and sensitivity to color. Lloyd van Pitterson had 33 one man shows in Jamaica, Trinidad, West Germany, Canada and the United States, and has had numerous group shows around the world.

Arnot Gallery was proud to represent Lloyd van Pitterson during his life. A beautiful collection of original oil paintings by Lloyd van Pitterson is on permanent exhibition in our gallery.

Two Meritorious Awards, Festival Finals, Jamaica, W.I.
Best Painting, 1962 Independence Exhibition Hills Gallery
Honored by Jamaican Government

Nelson Rockefeller, New York City
National Gallery, Jamaica, W.I.
Olympia Hotel, Jamaica, W.l.
Citizens Bank, Jamaica, W.l.
Air Jamaica, Jamaica, W.l.
Jamaican Embassies-London, Eth lola, West Germany
Peter Finch
Victor Moore, Canadian Ambassador
Bernie Swartz, Doubleday Inc., New York
Elizabeth Taylor

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