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Luigi Rocca Giclees

by on February 15, 2013

Luigi Rocca was born in Porpetto, Italy in 1952.
Arnot Gallery, Exclusive American Representatives
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Giclee is a French word which means “to spatter out”, a term that refers to the way the ink is applied to paper or canvas by a special large-format, ultra-high resolution seven color ink-jet printer.

Giclee is the most faithful, accurate and clean artistic reproduction ever made, thanks to a recent technological development and a new kind of unalterable light-fast pigmented ink specially produced for prints on paper or canvas. Therefore, a Giclee is an almost identical reproduction of the original artwork. In particular, Giclee on canvas offer the most refined valuable reproduction of the objectiveness of the original painting.

The new print-production line is: 1. painting, 2. large-format scan-back camera, 3. final print. The traditional procedure (print steps) has been revolutionized by eliminating the intermediate steps between the high resolution 200 Mb scan (around 4,000 times more detailed than the 50 Kb image-files on normal web-sites) and the final print. In this way, the dot pattern is almost invisible under any degree of magnification. The final result is a complete control over the chromatic structure of the image, which appears to be continuous-tone.

Giclee are meant to be stretched on fir wood stretcher-bars and framed (no glass nor mattboards), like the original paintings.

Luigi Rocca’s Giclee are personally signed and numbered by the Artist.

Remember that Giclee have been designed to be kept under neutral-coloured lights: very warm or fluorescent lights may affect their colour balance.

Technical scheme:

Ink-jet print
Resolution 600×600 dpi
Pigmented Ink
Opaque white cotton [50% cotton, 50% polyester]

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