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M. Jordi

by on February 8, 2016

Jordi Mercadé i Farrés, aka Jordi, deceased Catalan artist from Barcelona, Spain (1923 – 2005).

Jordi Mercadé i Farrés , known simply as the artistic name of Jordi (Barcelona December 21, 1923 – July 24, 2005) was a Catalanpainter , son of the painter Jaume Mercadé .  He was one of the members of the Taüll Group

He began painting in 1942 by vocation and influence of the family atmosphere. He trained with his father, as well as the Tàrrega Academy and the Valls Academy. He worked at the workshop of Ramon Rogent , where he met Joan Ponç , who introduced him to the avant-garde movements. In 1946 , together with Ponç, Arnau Puig and Joan Brossa , they created Algol magazine.Between 1948 and 1954 I lived in Paris.

Admirer of Goya and Soutine , he defines himself as a supporter of an “evolution within a stability”. Influenced initially by Cézanne and Cubism , his painting evolved towards an abstraction of strong calligraphic gesture, with an expressionist impromptu. Their favorite colors are white , black , red and blue .

From 2 to 22 October 1948, Mercadé, together with Modest Cuixart i Tàpies , Maria Girona i Benet , Josep Hurtuna, Ramon Rogent i Perés , Albert Ràfols-Casamada , Josep Maria de Sucre and de Grau , Jacint Morera i Pujals , Francesc Todó Garcia , Pere Tort and Antoni Tàpies i Puig participated in the First Hall of October in the Galleries Laietanes .
In 1955 , along with Marc Aleu , Modest Cuixart , Josep Guinovart , Jaume Muxart , Antoni Tàpies and Joan-Josep Tharrats constitute the “Taüll” group.

He conducted multiple individual and collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid , Zaragoza , Milan , Bern , etc. He promoted the May Hall and represented in Spain at the Biennales of São Paulo, Alexandria and the Parisian parks of the jeunes peintres , nationale des Beaux Arts and indépendents . In the 1980s , together with Joan-Josep Tharrats, he supported the birth of the Catalan Association of Plastic Artists .

Work in museums 

  • Museum of Bern, Switzerland .
  • MNCARS , Madrid.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid.
  • Museo Camón Aznar, Zaragoza.
  • MACBA , Barcelona.
  • Abelló Museum of Mollet del Vallès .
  • Estrada Saladi Museum
  • Museo Víctor Balaguer Library


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