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by on January 22, 2013

  MALVA, Kurdish born in Tel Naif, Syria. (1951 – 2015)

Arnot Gallery, Exclusive American Representatives

It is with great sorrow that Arnot Gallery announces the passing of MALVA, Master Impressionist, Expressionist, and Colorist. On October 17th, 2015 our world lost a Masterful artist as he battled Leukemia since May 2015.
We will miss him greatly.

In 1972 Peter Arnot joined the Arnot Gallery as the fourth generation of Arnot art dealers. It was in 1979 that Peter Arnot found the Expressionist – Impressionist – Colorist artist MALVA and had the Arnot Gallery represent his paintings in the United States.

“When looking at a painting by MALVA you are looking at MALVA the artist.  There are many artists who paint impressionistic styles, however, there are few artists who dare to be expressionists.  To be an expressionist is to put one’s heart and soul into each painting.  To be a talented expressionist is to paint so that everyone can feel what the artist felt when painting.  MALVA is such an artist.

In 1979 Herbert Arnot, the third generation in the family art business, saw the potential in a young artist.  Together, MALVA and the ARNOT Gallery grew over many years to follow and into the new Millennium.

To sense the mood of a MALVA, one must only study a small part of the painting.  It is in this manner that the enthusiasm of each painting can be truly understood.  When looking at the painting as a whole one can feel a breeze flowing through the fields, or the warmth of the poppy fields on a sunny day.  His emotions are clearly depicted through his paint brush – the paint brush simply an extension of MALVA himself.  The artist one with his painting.

MALVA once explained that other artists might study a landscape to paint a landscape, but he becomes the landscape, the field, the flowers, and then Malva paints himself. This is the essence of a true expressionist.

Today Peter Arnot, the fourth generation, together with Vicki Arnot, continue the ARNOT Gallery ties with MALVA.  MALVA continues to grow and develop as an artist and a recognized Expressionist, Colorist and Impressionist.  Arnot Gallery has published three books on MALVA, the third book titled: ‘MALVA – BOOK III, Into the Millennium’.”
Vicki Arnot, Arnot Gallery

“To appreciate fully the work of MALVA one must ask, ‘Where does MALVA belong in the history of art?’

To fully appreciate the man MALVA, one must ask, ‘Where does MALVA fit into the story of human history?’

MALVA is a born Kurdistan and his soul is torn between his deep sense of aesthetics and his passionate feeling for his religion and his people.  His artistic expression is thus torn between his ability to declare his passion through abstract art and his deep desire for a better and more beautiful world through his impressionistic art.

MALVA’s impressionistic art to most people is on the surface easier to understand, but its significance is not to be understated.  MALVA’s passion for life and the world he can see and touch around him is exposed in two ways.  MALVA has the most unique sense of color and the relationships between various tones, hues and intensities of colors of any artist living today.  MALVA has an almost fearless approach to the use of color, inserting any color any place on a painting for the purpose of pronouncing his feelings and yet it is all uncontrived.  It is purely from the soul, and it must be received this way by the viewer.

Perhaps MALVA’s love of abstract art is what lends him this gift of free use of color.  It is his free hand with his brush stroke combined with his sense of color that makes MALVA a unique artist today.

MALVA’s place in history is permanently marked by talents only he possesses in our time. He is an initiator, not a follower.  He leads and influences just as he draws from the past.  MALVA takes us into an age when impressionism, the most beloved époque of art history, can progress into our modern times, refreshed by MALVA’s inventions and unique ideas.

When my father, Herbert Arnot, discovered MALVA in his studio in 1979, MALVA was searching for his way.  They talked to each other and exchanged ideas – and in many ways inspired each other.  The partnership between MALVA and the ARNOT Gallery is continued today. My enthusiasm is unbounded, and my vision for MALVA’s future is as unrestricted as his immense abilities.”
Peter Arnot, Arnot Gallery

MALVA Exclusively represented in the USA since 1979, Arnot Gallery in New York.

To view ‘The Early Collection’ (1979 – 1987) please use this link: MALVA, The Early Years


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