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Marcel ‘Marc’ Bordei

by on August 29, 2013

Marcel Bordei, who signs his paintings ‘Marc Bordei’, was born in Europe on November 22, 1955.

Marcel Bordei, who signs his paintings ‘Marc Bordei’, was born in Europe on November 22, 1955. “As a child and teenager, I have been fortunate that my family lived close to the sea and that I could spend my vacation on my grandparent’s farm up in the mountains. It was then when not only I fell in love with all nature’s creatures, but with sketching and painting them too. Also, I have been lucky to have a family and art teacher which were very supportive and helped me develop my talent and passion for drawing and painting. After graduating from a Fine Arts High School, I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest.  Although I often tried my abilities as a non-figurative painter I never stopped painting animals and landscapes.  I am happy that ‘wildlife’ painting is highly appreciated in the United States, a beautiful country with so many zoos, wildlife preservations and National Parks, as well as so many people who love outdoor life.  I live most of the time in a rural area in Pennsylvania where there is plenty of wildlife. Regarding my activity as an artist, I have my paintings represented at Arnot Gallery and have illustrated many magazines, among which is Field and Stream. My mentor in art is Mr. Bob Kuhn.”

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