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Marko Mavrovich

by on November 6, 2013

Marko Michael Mavrovich, American. Born in California in 1960.

Original Oil Paintings purchased directly from Marko Mavrovich.
Marko Mavrovich was born in California in 1960.  At the age of ten, Marko moved with his family to his parents’ native home in Croatia.  Early on, Marko lived on several different islands off the coast of Croatia, but most of his time was spent on the Island of Unije, his favorite.  It was at this time that the inspiration of the beauty of the sea and coastline moved Marko to begin sketching on paper with a pencil and charcoal.  With the encouragement of his father Miro, a watercolor artist, and his mother as his strongest critic, Marko found he was able to sell his drawings to German and Italian tourists visiting the island during the summer. At the age of 17, his parents encouraged him to attend art school.  Marko chose, instead, to enroll in a school of navigation, following his love for the sea.  During his four years of school and training, Marko continued sketching in pencil and black ink, never leaving his talent untouched.  Upon completion of school, he worked on ships “fighting the seas and still fighting strong feelings for his art.”  After the passing of his father, he decided to return to the United States “in search of a better life.”  However, still pulled towards the love of the sea, he pursued work in a shipyard and spent three and one-half years as a commercial diver. “Being underwater in absolute silence helped me clear my thinking, and I finally realized I should be doing something better with my life.”  That “something better” was to return to the love of art which had haunted him through all his endeavors.  He began drawing, painting and exhibiting his work in street shows.  This brought him offers from established galleries, eventually giving him the opportunity to show his work throughout the United States. Every year, Marko now spends a portion of his time in Croatia as well as other parts of Europe where he gathers inspiration for his work by studying the beautiful scenery of the Adriatic Coast.  Marko is a self-taught artist, though his influences include Winslow Homer, the French Impressionists, and his father.  His passion for capturing the beauty of the ocean remains a constant theme in his work.  Marko Mavrovich expertly captures the fleeting effects of light on the cool ocean waters and verdant hillsides.  Marko’s work has been widely exhibited in the United States, Europe and Japan, but especially in the home of his heritage, Croatia; where he has enjoyed considerable prestige and success in both one man and group shows every year since 1984.  In the last year Marko’s success has spread to Tokyo, Japan, where he has just finished two sell out shows which proved there is no end to his international appeal.



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