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Nemessányi Bela Kontuly

by on March 7, 2014

Nemessányi Bela Kontuly Deceased Hungarian Artist (Miskolc, February 3,1904 – Budapest, April 14, 1983)

Hungarian artist  and art professor.

Bela Kontuly studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts. At this early age, during his college years, his paintings were exhibited in Kosice in the Eastern Slovakia Museum. From 1928 to 1930 he attended the Hungarian Academy in Rome with his wife Fuchs Hajnalka.  In 1932 he had an exhibition in the Ernst Museum. In 1934 he joined the Munkacsy Guild Art Association.  Kontuly attended the University of Szeged. He painted Frescoes in the chapel Hermina ut in Budapest, the Herminamezoi Holy Spirit Church, and the Catholic Church in Komarom. In 1939 he painted Frescoes in St. Anne’s Church together with Paul Molnar. In 1940 he was in charge of the Metropolitan of the resurrection of Jairus’ daughter.  From 1939 to 1947 Kontuly taught at the Art School. In 1945 he did restoration of Frescoes for churches and did Frescoes by commission.  In 1974 he had a personal exhibition in Tokyo, Japan; his last exhibition before he died in 1983.


Bela Kontuly received the following Awards during his life:

Benczúr Award (1928)

Ede Ballo Award (1934)

Ipolyi Arnold Award (1936)

Kuno Award (1936)

Vienna’s Gold Medal (1937)

Paris World’s Fair of gold and silver coin (1937)

Franz Joseph Award (1941)


1975 Gekkoso Gallery, Tokyo Japan

1957 Spring Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest

1967 Hungarian painters in Italy, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

1996 Charles Laszlo Collection, Kunsthalle, Budapest

Vision of St. Francis (fresco, 1948, Budapest, Hungary, Turkey travel Vészi Franciscan chapel)

St. Mary’s seven joys, pain in seven of the Virgin Mary, Moses caste tree water baptism of Christ, the Franciscan missionary activity (frescoes, 1948, Szeged, Franciscan Church)

Annunciation (fresco, 1949, Jászberény, Franciscan Church)

The main altar (1951, Harságy-sheer, Parish)

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Elizabeth wonders (PANNA, 1951, Franciscan Church, Budapest. Ste Margrethe II, dist.).

frescoes (1951-1955, 1968, Sümeg, Franciscan Pilgrimage Church)

St. Joseph, Mary and Jesus’ life (1956, Salgótarján, Franciscan Church)

frescoes (1958, Budapest, Herminamezői Holy Spirit Church )

frescoes (1958-1959, Budapest, Church of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Congregation)

frescoes (1959-1961, Baja, St. Anthony of Padua Church)

frescoes (Miskolc, Train Rural St. Stephen’s Church)

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

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