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Pawel (Paul) Kontny

by on September 19, 2013

Paul Kontny, born Pawel Kontny,  was born in Laurahuette, Poland in 1923, died in 2002 Denver, Colorado USA.

Pawel A. Kontny, prominent Denver artist and teacher,  died at the age of 79.

Pawel A. Kontny, longtime Denver artist and teacher, died at his Cherry Hills home in Denver on June 22, 2002. He was born in 1923 in Poland. In 1939 he began studying architecture in Breslau. His studies were interrupted in 1941 when he was drafted into the Germany army. He recorded his impressions of the local population and the landscapes through his watercolors and drawings. Kontny thereafter moved to Nuremberg, becoming a member of the Union of Nuremberg Architects and helping to rebuild the city’s historic center. He soon decided to concentrate on his professional art career. He married Irmgard Laurer, a dancer with the Nuremberg Opera. Kontny’s career as an artist was launched with his participation in an all German exhibition, held at the Dusseldorf Museum in 1952. He held one-man shows in Germany, Switzerland and the United States. During his trip to the United States in 1960, Kontny became instantly enamored with Colorado, and decided to relocate to Cherry Hills with his wife and two children. He quickly established himself in the local art community, being affiliated for a time with Denver Art Galleries. In New York City, he was represented by Arnot Gallery.  It was Herbert Arnot who sponsored Paul Kontny for American citizenship and paid for his passage to the USA.  During this time he received the Prestigious Gold Medal of the Art Academy of Rome. His extensive travel provided material for the paintings he did using his hallmark marble dust technique. He also worked equally in pastel, watercolor, charcoal and pencil-and-ink. As a Denver resident, Kontny exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the United States, Germany and Japan. Over the years Kontny had a number of students and generously helped young artist by hosting exhibitions at his Cherry Hills home. For many years he generously donated his paintings to support charitable causes in Denver. Kontny’s work is included on various private and corporate collections and museums throughout the United States, Europe and Japan.

16 beautiful paintings on paper of which 5 are duel paintings on front and verso.

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