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Peter Brouwer

by on December 5, 2013

Petrus Antonius Hermanus Brouwer aka Peter Brouwer, deceased artist from Utrecht Holland, (1935 – 2010)

Peter Brouwer was born in Utrecht Holland on August 1, 1935. He died on September 4, 2010.  Peter lived and worked in Utrecht and received his education at the National Academy in Amsterdam.  He was a student and close friend of John Bevort.  Over the years he shared a studio with Bevort in the Dutch town of Schoorl and did many paintings together.  Peter also was a student at the academy of Laurens Gardener, Cor van Diggelen, Henk Bellaard, teacher of the National Academy in Amsterdam.  Peter also learned a great deal from his many studies in Italy and Spain, as well as exhibitions in New York and Germany.  The paintings by Peter Brouwer transport the viewer on a journey through his own fantasy world inspired by his surroundings.  His paintings reflecting reality with his interpretation of color and atmosphere.
Education: Evening Academy of Art and pupil of Piet Brouwer from the State Academy in Amsterdam. He made tours through Italy and Spain in order to study the art and followed private courses by the famous Dutch painter John Bévort. Peter Brouwer was a member of the International Organization of Free Art.

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