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Pier Germani

by on May 10, 2016

Pier Germani Vitali, Italian self taught portrait artist.

Pier Germani Vitali, a self-taught Lombard painter from Italy was intrinsically fashion spurning.  A modest artist, Germani never sought out prizes or official awards.  He was an self described ‘independent spirit’. Germani declined personal exhibitions and did not take part in any competitions. Germani had a vast ‘market’ of his own, as evidenced by his many paintings treasured by Italian and International Collectors

A serene, unperturbed vision of life backed by a truly modern Spirit in a genuine figurative coherence are the simple components of Pier Germani’s pictorial production.

Children, women, glimpses of everyday’s life with surprisingly human depth.  A melancholy beauty, halfway between dream and reality, all expressed with the help of inspired, vivid brush strokes enlivened by a bright, energetic palette and controlled by an unquestionable mastery by an obvious fondness for the ‘know how’.  These are the well-defined components of the Pier Germani theme.

Paintings by Pier Germani Vitali may be found on permanent exhibit at the Arnot Art Gallery.

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