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Raffaele Fiore

by on January 22, 2013

Raffaele Fiore was born in Striano, Italy on 13th August 1961.

Raffaele Fiore was born in Striano, Italy on 13th August 1961.
He began to paint when he was very young. He was fond of painting already as a young pupil. His passion for painting evolved as he grew older.
Fiore had a  strong desire to represent reality bringing up-to-date the masters of the past. Year by year he has been improving his potential as a  painter and he has been doing it through patient and constant study of color, techniques, composition and light.
In 1993 he moved to Tuscany where he still lives and works.
Tuscany enriches and improves his experience through his collaboration with other studios in the artistic center of  Old Florence. The above mentioned collaboration lasted some years and during this period Fiore reproduced most of all classical masterpieces of Italian and European nineteenth century. After that he went back to his personal realistic research of the previous period.
For his latest works he chose Venice as a subject. Venetian Reflexes is the style of his latest works, where it is possible to recognize the vividness of his style.

“A beautiful picture is a first-rate and original object. It is a generous and lasting source of sensations and stimuli.
A beautiful picture is a fairly good revenge upon banality.
It makes the room where it is displayed more precious and underlines its owner’s style.
A beautiful picture comes with you day by day and helps you discovering a space made of beauty, harmony and culture. “
Raffaele Fiore

Represented by International Galleries:
Arnot Gallery in New York, USA
Mazzucchi Art Gallery Venezia Italy
Petra Gallery Venezia Italy
The Barefoot Gallery West Yorkshire UK
Galleria Nocchia Cortona Italy
Galleria S. Giorgio Portofino Italy
Galleria Pontevecchio Firenze Italy
Galleria Nocchia Cortona italy
Galleria Canci Lerici
Galleria S.Giorgio Portofino


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