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Robert Hamblen

by on October 10, 2014

Robert Hamblen, American artist. (November 23, 1932 – August 21, 2017)

Robert Hamblen, self-taught American landscape painter. The artist describes his style as  “illuministic” and “in the tradition of the Hudson River paintings Thomas Cole, Frederick Church and George Inness.”

Recalling the many years he painted in New Jersey, Hamblen said “There it was a matter of trying to capture landscapes that were falling to the bulldozers.  I’d find a beautiful scene to paint and when I’d go back a month later, the trees might be gone and the wild grasses mowed down.  Then I’d be off again; trying to find another unspoiled site.” “Painting is a full-time occupation,” Hamblen stated. “Between looking for sites, painting four or five days a week,  making business contacts, scheduling and setting up shows, and trying to keep ahead of the paperwork required of a self-employed artist, the work is constant.”

“Most important,” said Hamblen, “painting is very satisfying. Being an artist allows me to be independent. I can keep my own hours, but I have to be very disciplined.”

“I like to paint on-site, and strive to capture the realism of my subject. Even more than painting, I enjoy walking. I travel on foot from four to eight miles a day. I love the outdoors, looking at the natural world around me, the changing moods of the sea.”

Robert Hamblen is the recipient of over 100 awards for excellence.

Robert F. Hamblen died at the age of 84.  Robert was born in Providence, RI; moved to Wells, Vermont where he lived and painted.  Before he died Robert moved to Milford, New Jersey where he died on August 21, 2017.

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