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Ulbricht Cornett

by on January 14, 2016

Ulbricht Cornett German artist born in 1918.

Ulbricht Cornett was a German artist born in 1918.  Cornett lived and painted in the area of Chiemsee, Germany.  He attended the Bayerische Schule von Kunst (art academy) as a young man, studying 19th century German masters.  The style of painting of Ulbrecht Cornett is reminiscent of the 19th century German masters he studied.  He also studied the art of etching.  It was the studies of etching that influenced his fine detail in his figurative paintings.  As a professional painter, Cornett valued oil paints as a medium for his paintings.  The slow drying process allowed Cornett to put all of the fine details into his paintings.

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