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Vincenzo Aprile

by on June 11, 2013

Vincenzo Aprile was born in Italy in 1952.

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Vincenzo Aprile was born in Italy in 1952, where he continues to reside and paint.

Aprile was one of the ‘new group of young artists’ in Italy who changed what was commonly accepted as the traditional old school of painting.  Aprile’s command in craftsmanship and sense of pictorial values is evident in his ‘portraits of the Italian landscape through my eyes’. He looks at the Italian landscape and does not see fields of expanses of land, instead he sees the beauty of the flower pots adorning the terraces overlooking the villa rooftops to the sea, the marina that captures the heart and soul of the Italian people.

Exhibitions in Italy: Galleria Vispuci; la Nuova Galleria; In Germany: Dousard Foroghi; In Australia: Art Gallery; In Venezuela: Galeria Aurora; in the USA Arnot Gallery in New York

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