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Willi Bauer

by on January 25, 2013

Arnot Gallery, Exclusive American Representatives

Willi Bauer was born July 7, 1923 in the Spessart region of Germany.

Willi Bauer was born July 7, 1923 in the Spessart region of Germany. He studied at the Staedel College of Fine Art in Frankfurt under Professor Della Villa.

Arnot Gallery has always taken pride in offering our collectors the finest international artists, and we continued this tradition when the Arnot-Bauer relationship started in 1961. Herbert Arnot signed Willi Bauer as his dealer for the United States.

When Peter Arnot met Willi Bauer for the first time in 1973, he was at once able to recognize the artist’s talent, ambition, and dedication to his work. Willi has always made a personal commitment to his art work, never settling for anything but his best effort, and this is reflected in his paintings utmost quality and beauty. At his current age (in 2014) of 91, Willi’s ability to translate the beauty of nature and his surroundings as he sees them onto the canvas in a manner that allows his audience to capture the effervescence and glory of the moment is what makes his art-work truly remarkable.

Whether he is painting a Flower Market, Garden Party or Greek Harbor scene, Willi Bauer continues to be one of the best impressionistic German artists of our time.

The early collection of original oil paintings by Willi Bauer may be viewed on a separate page with this link:

WILLI BAUER RETROSPECTIVE, AWN article by Sarah Seamark, Editor in Chief May 2014:

As he marks his 91st birthday on July 7, German Impressionist artist Willi Bauer has announced after a long and prestigious career, that he is retiring from painting. For more than 50 years, the work of this artist, whose life story could be said to be stranger than fiction, has been exclusively represented in the U.S. by Arnot Gallery in Manhattan. It was Herbert Arnot, father of Peter Arnot, the current owner with his wife Vicki of Arnot Gallery, who signed Willi Bauer in the early ’60s. At the time, the artist wanted to build a house but did not have the money. Herbert Arnot lent him what he needed, and Willi Bauer repaid him with paintings. The house itself was very eccentric, recalls Mrs. Arnot. Built on a remote hilltop in central Germany, it had a moat all around it filled with alligators, and boasted a swimming pool the size of a football field. Inside, the house had an enormous aquarium that served as a dividing wall between two great rooms.

On a professional level his career was managed by his wife Edith. And it is because they are both in failing health that he is retiring. For that reason he has most recently been painting small canvases, 13 by 16 and 12 by 12 inches, that Mrs. Arnot describes as “little gems.” Arnot Gallery, however, has paintings in a range of sizes, from 31 by 39, 27 by 31, to 20 by 24 inches, as well as the smaller works. His paintings have been described as a transition between rich Impressionism and controlled Expressionism—the brushstrokes, augmented with palette knife work, creating the effect of light. Willi Bauer chose to shine that light on subjects dearest to his heart: the people of Germany in café gardens and flower markets, pursuing their traditional way of life amidst the rich beauty of their surroundings. “He captured a moment in time, and the various seasons,” says Mrs. Arnot. “When you look at his paintings, you feel you are in them—in the café by the lake, a remote landscape in Germany or Corfu in the summer. They are very laid back and calming, and because the colors are easy on the eye, his paintings are easy to place.” Willi Bauer represented on his canvases passions universal to all of us, the love of our surroundings and personal way of life.

Earlier in his career, Bauer’s collectors included Americans stationed at U.S. military bases in Germany. His serene scenes continue to appeal to those looking for a calming ambience. An army chaplain, who has collected his work for about 10 years, told Mrs. Arnot that Willi Bauer’s paintings bring comfort and respite from the visions he endures from his term in Afghanistan. “When I told him about Willi retiring, he said it would be the end of an era.” She adds, “The price point for the work is such, it can reach anybody. But when the paintings are gone—they are gone.”

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