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Xue Jian-Xin

by on May 22, 2013

Xue Jian Xin, Chinese/American Impressionist, NanJing, The People’s Republic of China. USA.


DATE OF BIRTH: October 17, 1954
PLACE OF BIRTH: NanJing, The People’s Republic of China


Graduated from Fine Arts Department of SuZhou College, SuZhou, China

1979 – 1981
Post-Graduate study at Fine Arts Department,
NanJing College of Arts, NanJing, China

1988 – 1990
Study Master of Fine Arts in Painting, Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts
Chairman of the SuZhou Oil Painting Research Association.
Lecturer in Fine Arts Department of SuZhou College.

1981 – Created 21 by 6 metre acrylic mural “Ancient SuZhou” for SuZhou Train station; assisted with acrylic mural
“Lake Tai” also for SuZhou Train station.
1983 – Oil painting “SuZhou” exhibited at the International Exhibition of Youth Painting, Melbourne National Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1984 – Watercolor “Sunset” awarded commendation in China’s International Day Painting Exhibition, National Art Gallery, BeiJing, China.
1985 – Oil painting “Waterscape” exhibited in the Sino-Japanese Youth Painting Exhibition, Kobe, Japan.
1985 – Oil painting “Sound of Oars” exhibited in the Japan-China oil painting group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.
1986 – Watercolor “Snow” exhibited at Eastern China watercolor exhibition, National Gallery, BeiJing, China.
1987 – Three oil paintings exhibited at Middle East Circulating Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, ShangHai Arts Gallery, ShangHai, China.
1988 to Present Arnot Gallery, New York

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