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by on February 18, 2015

Yoli, born in Lima, Peru on September 9, 1948.

Yoli was born in Lima, Peru on September 9th, 1948.
In each of her oil paintings, Yoli captivates the viewer with a rich impasto texture and soft, full palette.  Her bold bursts of color bathed in pastel tones inevitably draw one deeper into the dreamlike fantasy landscapes of her imagination.
Yoli received her formal education studying art at the Catholic University of Lima.  It was there that she began the continual process of refinement through which she transforms her unique awareness of the environment into her paintings. She has exhibited her paintings throughout Peru, Canada and the United States.
Yoli’s own spiritual and artistic development are expressed through her paintings. Throughout much of her career, her vocabulary has remained reductive and simple: ponds, flowers and light, often with a hint of human participation: a sailboat, a house, a well travelled path.  Yoli’s paintings have always been about feeling: the presence of each day, the feeling of water as it lays placidly in some overlooked and shaded spot.  She finds what we would ordinarily dismiss, and her artistry lies in her ability  to focus on these places and moments with a disarmingly delicate intensity.
Yoli blends her special brush technique, in many cases creating the focus of each painting in brush and surrounding this with palette knife work.  It is with this method that she is able to create surfaces with superior depth and tactility. As an artist, Yoli uses her rich and heavily applied oil paints concentrating more specifically on the process of their application.
Notable in Yoli’s painting is the shift in her use of light as a narrative element.  Much of this artist’s life has been a personal search for truth and for beauty, and through this, she has evolved as an artist with a distinct and personal vision. Painting in New York City for most of her adult life, she pursued meditation as an avenue for focusing her ideas and attaining self-fulfillment.  As she grew, she found that her surroundings had gradually deteriorated.  In the autumn of 1991, she decided that she had to change locations in order to move on artistically.  When she did this the light in her paintings changed.  Previously, her work was derived from nature but conceived of inside of her mind in, of all places, a New York City loft.  The diffusion of white throughout her ethereal landscapes reflected this interior space she had conceived of in order to focus herself creatively. Upon Yoli’s move into the countryside, her use of light underwent the change from general to specific. The light in these paintings, rather than appearing as a kind of universal cosmic radiance is found emanating from these sources specifically. The effect of this is more grounded, yet no less cosmic works of art. The spirituality of things now is depicted more closely to the commonality of experience.
“For me, painting is the greatest way of experiencing and communicating the manifestations of creation.  I feel compelled to express what excites me in nature, and through my work, I am able to convey with love the beauty of the world that needs to be respected.” – Yoli

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