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Bela Balogh

by October 9, 2013
© Bella Balogh, Still life (589) 24x30"

Bela Balogh, deceased (Hungarian, 1909-1980) Auto-didactic Hungarian artist of the mid-20th century. His still lifes display extraordinary skill and remarkable attention to the minutest of detail. Bela Balogh was born in Hungary in 1909 and died in 1980.

Hellmut Bachrach-Barée

by August 31, 2015
© Hellmut Bachrach Barée, Riders in Autumn 12x16", Original Oil Painting 21676 [Panel Box 4]

Hellmut Bachrach-Barée, deceased German artist (1898-1969). Above painting available for purchase Arnot Gallery: Circa 1956. Hellmut Bachrach-Barée (1898-1969). Born in Munich, Germany. His father Emanuel Bachrach-Barée was a self-taught painter who works could be found in German museum collections and who worked as an illustrator for a number of German Read more »

Montserrat Barta

by June 20, 2013
© Montserrat Barta, Ballerina in the Mirror 12x16"

Montserrat Barta, (Spanish, 1906 – 1988)

Hubert Bauer

by March 2, 2016
© Hubert Bauer, Spring Blossom Picknic 31x41cm 12x16", Original Oil Painting BF2782

Hubert Bauer, Impressionist landscape artist from Czechoslovakia born 1905. Hubert Bauer, born in 1905 in Czechoslovakia, was the brother in law of Josef Prochazka.  Although the collection of paintings by Josef Prochazka are sold, the collection by his son, Jan Prochazka, are currently available for purchase.

Willi Bauer, the Early Collection Circa pre-1987

by January 19, 2015
© Willi Bauer, Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. 31X39 inches.

Arnot Gallery, Exclusive American Representatives Willi Bauer, the Early Collection, Circa pre-1987.  The later collection of Willi Bauer is on a separate page accessed with this link: WILLI BAUER THE CURRENT COLLECTION Arnot Gallery is proud to make the Early Collection of Original Oil Paintings by Willi Bauer, Circa ‘pre-1987’, Read more »

Lisandro Lopez Baylon

by October 17, 2013
© Lisandro Lopez Baylon, Cafe de Flores 30x40", Original Oil Painting BX1345

Lisandro Lopez Baylon (Argentina – America,  1951 – ) Lisandro Lopez Baylon was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1951. He studied at the Pan-American School of Arts as well as the School of Fine Arts, both situated in the city of Buenos Aires. Since 1971, he has Read more »

Hans Becker

by February 20, 2015
© Hans Becker, Horseback Romantic Ride 27x31", Original Oil Painting BF1918 stretched

Hans Becker, deceased German (1930 – 2013). Hans Becker was born in Germany in 1930.  As an German Impressionist, he was best known for his German landscapes with his daughter featured in the paintings. The artist resided and worked in Germany until he died in 2013.

Louis van der Beesen

by September 11, 2015
© Louis van der Beesen, Gathering Daffodiles in the Field 31x39", Original Oil Painting AI318

Louis van der Beesen, deceased Dutch artist (1938 – 2012). Louis van der Beesen was born in The Netherlands in the town of Maastricht in 1938.  He attended the City Academy of Applied Arts in Maastricht. Louis moved to Eindhoven in 1957. In 1969 he moved with his wife Ineke Read more »

H. Benali, Herbert Beck

by April 13, 2016
© Benali, Herbert Beck 'bei Napoli' 20x24", Original Oil Painting

H. Benali is a nom de plume for Herbert Beck. German artist born in 1907. H. Benali is a nom de plume for Herbert Beck.  He was born in Munich in 1907, spent time in Venice and spent his early teens studying in Rome.  After completing his training, he traveled Read more »

Jacqueline Beltikhine

by November 9, 2016
© Jacqueline BELTIKHINE, Can Can Girl 16x11", Original Oil Painting

Jacqueline Beltikhine, born in Elève de CAVAILLES France in 1927. Jacqueline Beltikhine (born in 1927, Elève de CAVAILLES, France).  Moved to Nice, France where she continued to live and paint.