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Horst Altermann

by July 21, 2017
© Horst Altermann, Sunrise Breaking Waves 24x36", Original Oil Painting

Horst Altermann, deceased German (1925-1978) Born in Dussldorf, Germany in 1925, Altermann first studied ecclesiastical art at the Academy of his hometown. He soon found this field limiting and began to paint seascapes and landscapes, especially sunrise and sunsets reflecting through the breaking waves. Horst Altermann died in 1978. Read more »

Jean Abadie

by February 26, 2016
© Jean Abadie, Jeune Fille a La Table 24x29", Original Oil Painting

Jean Abadie, deceased French (1921 – 2010). Jean Abadie French artist born in 1921 was both poet and painter.  Abadie’s paintings had a harmonious blending of telluric colors reflecting warm light behind the cut-out shapes with sharpness, oblique rhythms behind emotional serenity emanating from each of his canvases. The artist Read more »

Marguerite Aers

by June 10, 2013
© Marguerite Aers, dan le Jardin 26x32"

Marguerite Aers, deceased (Belgium 1918-1995) Marguerite Aers was born in Belgium in 1918.  In 1942 she married Belgian artist Jacques Geûens. They established their residence in Brussels while travelling frequently to Paris where both found inspiration with exhibitions in the “Quartier des Arts” during the 1950’s through the 1960’s. Marguerite died in Read more »

Aldo Affortunati

by September 18, 2013
© Aldo Affortunati, Dancers 16x24"

Aldo Affortunati was born in Castelnuovo Carfagnana, Italy, (1906-1991) Affortunati was born in Castelnuovo Carfagnana, Italy, in 1906. He kept his studio in Piazza Donatello in Florence.  He was frequently visited by collectors who witnessed the artist destroy his paintings, tear them apart and burn them in the large tiled stove, Read more »

Jorge Aguilar – Agon

by October 14, 2013
© Jorge Aguilar, Colorful Sails 24x36"

Jorge Aguilar – Agon, born in Barcelona Spain in 1936. Jorge Aguilar – Agon, born in Barcelona Spain in 1936. After attaining a University degree, he left Spain for Europe and mixed with the Bohemian circles of the Schwbinger Kunstrkreis in Munich Germany and Parisian Montmartre and St. Germain des Read more »

Gustave Alaux

by February 15, 2013
© Gustave Alaux, Promenade Sentimentale 15x22" unframed 21x28"framed Circa 1952

Gustave Alaux, French Marine Artist, (Bordeaux, 1887 – Paris, 1965). Gustave Alaux, was born on August 21, 1887 in Bordeaux France. Alaux died February 27, 1965 in the Montmartre Cemetary in Paris.  Gustave Alaux was a French painter and illustrator. The complete name of Gustave Alaux is: Gustave Louis Michel Read more »

Joan Alberto

by October 9, 2013
© Joan Alberto, Caravan 20x24"

Joan Alberto was born in Barcelona, Spain.  Currently residing and working in California, USA.

Remo Aldini

by February 12, 2015
© Remo Aldini, Seascape 24x36", Original Oil Painting 1670

Remo Aldini, Italian Seascape Artist (Pozzuoli 1943 – )

Donald F. Allan

by May 16, 2013
© Donald F. Allan, Violin Candle. 16X20 inches.

Donald Allan, American Deceased.  (Utah, 1927 – 2013) Donald Ferris Allan Biography Don Allan, deceased (March 2, 1927 – July 10, 2013) Donald Ferris Allan, died at the age of 86 in Payson, Utah.  Don was one of seven children born to Henry Kirby Allan and Sarah Jane Barker on Read more »

Leopold Reiser-Vaney ALLRAM

by April 13, 2016
© Leopold Reiser Vaney ALLRAM, MOHN No. 6 24x20", Original Oil Painting

Leopold Reiser-Vaney, signed Allram, born in  Germany in 1921.