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Isidro Antequera López de Haro

by February 8, 2016
© Isidro Antequera López de Haro, 'Palco de Majas' 24x36", Original Oil Painting

Isidro Antequera López de Haro, Spanish artist Barcelona and Madrid, born in 1926. Isidro Antequera López de Haro (1926 in La Solana, Ciudad Real), Spanish artist. Signing paintings either I. Antequera or D’Haro. His father, photographer and painter by profession, died Isidro was two years old. Antequera developed an interest Read more »

Edvi-Illes Jeno Aradi,

by July 27, 2017
© Edvi-Illes Jeno Aradi, Porcelain Bird Still life 24x30", Original Oil Painting Circa 1959

Edvi-Illes Jeno Aradi, deceased Hungarian artist. (1886 – 1962). Edvi-Illes Jeno Aradi, was born in Hungary in 1886 and died in 1962. Edvi Aradi studied at the Budapest College of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary.  Edvi studied under: László Hegedűs, Tivadar Zemplényi, Aladár Illés Edvi. Upon graduating he travelled to Italy Read more »

Ricardo Galdon Arenys

by February 15, 2013
Ricardo Galdon Arenys, Wild Stallions on Blue 26x32" , Original Oil Painting

Ricardo Arenys Galdon, Spanish (Barcelona 1914 – 1977) Born in Barcelona, he practiced a skilled painting style with excellent control over means of expression. Around 1949 he started to specialize in the theme of horses. He participated in the Primavera Exhibition in 1934 and in the Nacional Barcelonesa in 1944. He Read more »

Curia Santos Arnaldo

by September 20, 2013
© Curia Santos Arnaldo, Spanish Cork Trees 32x39"

Curia Santos Arnaldo   (Spanish, 1929-) lived in Madrid, Spain where he had his studio. Curia Santos Arnaldo   (Spanish, 1929-) lived in Madrid, Spain where he had his studio.  He was known for his specialized subject matter of the famous Cork Trees in Spain.

Guido Arnot

by November 28, 2018
© Portrait of Marcus Arnot painted by Guido Arnot

Guido Arnot, artist and art dealer from Vienna Austria.   Marcus Arnot, first generation of Arnot art dealers opened his gallery in Vienna in 1863. Marcus Arnot was a framer and a pioneer who conceived the idea of selling art to the trade in as well selling via gallery to Read more »

Romek Árpád

by June 11, 2013
© Romek Arpad, Glass and Copper 20x24", Original Oil Painting 41240

Romek Árpád, Budapest Hungary (1883 – 1960) Romek Árpád was a Hungarian born still life painter who worked in a naturalistic representational style in oil.  Born in Budapest in 1883, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (of Budapest) under Ede Ballo and Laszlo Hegedus.  After school he was Read more »

María Rosa Arsalaguet Comas

by September 18, 2013
© María Rosa Arsalaguet Comas, Lady with Red Rose 21x18", Original Oil Painting

María Rosa Arsalaguet Comas, (Barcelona, Spain: 1922 -2003) Listed in the Frick Art Reference Library. The artist file includes study photographs and reproductions of works or art with accompanying documentation 1920 to 2000.

Rita Asfour

by February 6, 2018
© Rita Asfour, Hawaiin Dancer & Ukaleli 28x22", Original Oil Painting

Rita Asfour, American artist born in 1933, residing in Nevada. Rita Asfour, born in the USA in 1933 and currently residing in Nevada.  In her words: “I was born in 1933 – and still paint – almost daily – but increasingly with more discernment! In 2012, I came to Las Read more »

Donald Ayres

by February 22, 2013
© Donald Ayres, The Hunt Begins 24X36", Original Oil Painting

Donald Ayres, English Hunts, Bexhill-on-Sea, England, 1936. Donald Ayres’ work has been used on the front covers of magazines – The Field, Shooting Times and Horse and Hound – as well as being reproduced as Fine Art Prints. His main focus is British landscapes but he also paints country pursuits, (hunting, Read more »

Robert Aillaud Ayo

© Robert Aillaud Ayo, The Family 29X24"

Robert Ayo, French Impressionist, born in 1926 in Cadaillon, France. Robert Ayo was born in 1926 in Cadaillon, France. Studied at Ecole St. Roch; Academie Julien, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Ecole des Arts Decoratives.The first exhibition of Robert Ayo was in France under the sponsorship of Robert Puget in 1952. Read more »