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H. Benali, Herbert Beck

by April 13, 2016
© Benali, Herbert Beck 'bei Napoli' 20x24", Original Oil Painting

H. Benali is a nom de plume for Herbert Beck. German artist born in 1907. H. Benali is a nom de plume for Herbert Beck.  He was born in Munich in 1907, spent time in Venice and spent his early teens studying in Rome.  After completing his training, he traveled Read more »

Jacqueline Beltikhine

by November 9, 2016
© Jacqueline BELTIKHINE, Can Can Girl 16x11", Original Oil Painting

Jacqueline Beltikhine, born in Elève de CAVAILLES France in 1927. Jacqueline Beltikhine (born in 1927, Elève de CAVAILLES, France).  Moved to Nice, France where she continued to live and paint.

Walter Benoldi

by November 1, 2013
© Walter Benoldi, Still life 5x11" Unframed Size on Board

Walter Benoldi, Italian deceased (1914 – 1985) Walter Benoldi was born in Parma, Italy on August 12th, 1914. He studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Milan, Italy. At the age of 18 he had his solo exhibition in Italy. Walter Benoldi was a member of the Pittori Della Realta Read more »

Eugene-Jean-Marie Bergeron

by February 22, 2013
© Eugene Bergeron, Floral Stillife 22X18"

Eugene-Jean-Marie Bergeron, deceased artist from France (died 1896) Eugene-Jean-Marie Bergeron (French, died 1896)  Bergeron was a member of the Societe des Artistes Francais in Paris.

Andre Beronneau

by April 16, 2013
© Andre Beronneau, Bateaux de Peche Solfe de St. Tropez #181 24x30", Original Oil Painting str

Andre Beronneau, deceased French artist, (Bordeaux, France,1896-1973). Andre Beronneau was born in Bordeaux, France in 1896. He specialized in painting harbor scenes of Brittany and the Cote d’Azur. Beronneau studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Paris. He exhibited regularly at all the principal Paris exhibitions. These exhibitions gained him many Read more »

Carl Bertold

by March 4, 2015
© Carl Bertold, les Alpes d'Elisee 24x36 Original Oil Painting Circa 1952

Carl Bertold, deceased Swiss artist born in 1870. Carl Bertold, who signed his paintings C. Bertold, was born in Switzerland in 1870.  He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Bertold was best known for his paintings of the Alpines.


by November 1, 2013
© István BIAI-FÖGLEIN, Circus Act, the Juggler 20x24", original oil painting on canvas

István BIAI-FÖGLEIN was born in Banska Bystrica, Hungary October 20, 1905 died Budapest, Nov. 15, 1974 1924-1929:  Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Masters Vaszary János István Kiss. 1927-1928: 300 pengő Lord Rothermere Award, 1929-1930: State Scholarship, 1932: Company Szinyei laudatory recognition; 1934: Balló Ede Award. After graduating from college in Read more »

Pierre Bittar

by February 22, 2013
© Pierre Bittar, Winter Stream 26X32"

Pierre Bittar was born on February 13, 1934 in France. Pierre Bittar was born on February 13, 1934 in France. Collection sold out. Bittar’s father a musician, his mother a descendant of the House of Savoie. In 1939 his parents encouraged him to draw and color.  From 1940 – 1952 Read more »

William Blackman

by June 13, 2014
© William Blackman, Seascape 24x36, Original Oil Painting

William Blackman was born February 2, 1930 in San Diego, California. American artist. William Blackman was born February 2, 1930 in San Diego, California. In 1948 he joined the Navy and was stationed in Hawaii. After his tour of active duty he returned to California and attended Woodbury College to Read more »

Antoine Blanchard, Marcel Masson

by January 5, 2019
© 'Antoine Blanchard', Marcel Masson 1960 front copyrighted Arnot Gallery

Marcel Masson aka ‘Antoine Blanchard’ (France 1910 – 1988) Marcel Masson, aka Antoine Blanchard nom de plume, was born in France on November 15, 1910 in a village near the banks of the Loire. Marcel Masson’s father ran a small carpentry and furniture shop in the village.  Marcel was sent to Blois Read more »