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Stéphane Wrobel

by September 7, 2016
© Stéphane Wrobel, Paris Seine Notre Dame 21x18", Original Oil Painting K1546

Stéphane Wrobel deceased artist from France (1927-2007). Stéphane Wrobel was born in 1927 in France. He left his school in France after the eighth grade and began working in a nearby coal mine.  Keeping the company of a group of local artists, Stéphane was soon taken under their wing, and Read more »

Wu Jian

by February 19, 2014
© Wu Jian, Fruit Still life 16x20", Original Oil Painting str

WU JIAN Chinese artist, born 1942, residing in the United States The paintings of Wu Jian entice the viewer with their tenderness and attention to detail and motion. Clearly evident is the artist’s ability to focus on subtle events that often pass unnoticed. Wu Jian examines these moments with a Read more »

Xue Jian-Xin

by May 22, 2013
© Xue Jian Xin, Morning Light 36x24", Original Oil Painting

Xue Jian Xin, Chinese/American Impressionist, NanJing, The People’s Republic of China. USA. XUE JIAN-XIN BIOGRAPHY DATE OF BIRTH: October 17, 1954 PLACE OF BIRTH: NanJing, The People’s Republic of China EDUCATION: 1978 Graduated from Fine Arts Department of SuZhou College, SuZhou, China 1979 – 1981 Post-Graduate study at Fine Arts Read more »


by September 7, 2016
© Osama Yamazaki, Paris Barge on Seine 21x27", Original Oil Painting R1236

OSAMU YAMAZAKI. 修山崎.  Japanese painter residing in France, born in Tokyo, Japan in 1941. OSAMU YAMAZAKI. 修山崎. (Tokyo 1941).  Japanese painter from l’École de Paris •. 1941. Born in Tokyo, Japan.   1958 Studied at the School of Arts of Asakura with director and great Japanese sculptor Fumio Asakura 1962 Read more »

Heshi Yu

by May 6, 2015
© Heshi Yu, Rising Sun in Monotone 24x20", Original Painting str

Heshi Yu was born in Shandong, 1935. Heshi Yu was born in Shandong, 1935. He graduated from the Art Department of National Taiwan Normal University. In 1946, he traveled to France to further his studies at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1968, he moved to New York Read more »

Yumi Climenson

by April 2, 2015
© Yumi Climenson,'After Theater' Amsterdam Artist Ref.#08-368, 16x20", Original Oil Painting str

Yumi Climenson born in Tokyo, Japan on October 26, 1940. Yumi was born in Tokyo, Japan on October 26, 1940. In Japan, she studied under Ukai Uchiyama, Japan’s master watercolorist. While she was a student at Keio University in Tokyo, Yumi had already started doing a variety of illustrations for children’s Read more »

Dorothy Yung

by October 30, 2015
© Dorothy Yung, Bathers 30x40", Original Oil Painting

Dorothy Yung was born in Shanghai in 1940. Residing in America. Dorothy Yung was born in Shanghai in 1940. During the Japanese occupation, her family lived in the French Concession of the city between Soochow and Siccawei Creeks. Dorothy Yung recalls the chaos of the war and how it caused Read more »

Charles Zhan

by May 22, 2013
© Charles Zhan, Nature's Garden. 30X40 inches.

Born in Canton, China, 1959. Residing in America. Charles Zhan (nom de plume) 1959: Born in Canton, China 1973-76: Member of Youth Association of Art in Canton; Winner in National High School art competition 1974-85: Studied and practiced at Dongyu Chen’s studio; Student of professor’s Lau Sing and Su Urlong Read more »

Hongnian Zhang – H.N. John

by September 22, 2015
© HN John, Evening Ride by the Plaza 30x40", Original Oil Painting BL634

Hongnian Zhang, signing his paintings H.N. John, born in People’s Republic of China. Hongnian Zhang, signing his paintings H.N. John, born in People’s Republic of China. Hongnian Zhang is a Chinese American oil painter who works in the Western academic tradition. Works by this artist have been exhibited and acquired Read more »

Roberto Cipriano Zucchero

by January 19, 2017
© Roberto Cipriao Zucchero, Amalfi 24x30cm 9.5x12in, Original Oil Painting on Panel BY1728

Roberto Cipriano Zucchero, contemporary artist from Italy.