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Arquer Buigas

by February 22, 2013
© Cayetano De Arquer Buigas, Mother And Child 25X20" Charcoal on Paper dedicated to Peter Arnot

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas was born in Cerdanyola del Vallés, Spain on January 11, 1932 Cayetano de Arquer Buigas was born in Cerdanyola del Vallés on 11th January, 1932 combing two families, the Arquer and the Buigas, thus uniting the aristocracy with the purest essence of the arts. His mother’s Read more »

Manuel Monton Bunuel

by April 6, 2016
© Manuel Bunuel, Paris in Snow Cafe in Montmartre 24x30", Original Oil Painting AL2028

Manuel Monton Bunuel was born in 1940 in Barcelona, Spain. Manuel Monton Bunuel was born in 1940 in Barcelona, Spain.  He attended the Universida de Zaragoza studying medicine.  Upon graduating he served in the military from 1960 to 1962. Upon completion of his military service he went to Paris, France Read more »

Luigi Cagliani

by May 17, 2018
© Luigi Cagliani, Cafe by the Lake 12x16", Original Oil Painting

Luigi Cagliani, deceased Italian artist. (Italy 1910- USA 1987) Luigi Cagliani was born in Italy on September 22, 1910. He died in New York City on November 1987 at 77 years old. Luigi Cagliani was an Italian Impressionist who worked in the first half of the 20th century.  Cagliani was Read more »

Jean Calogero

by August 13, 2015
© 1 hard cover book on the artist Jean Calogero for purchase

Jean Calogero, Surrealist, deceased. Catania, Italy (1922 –2001) Jean Calogero was born in Catania, Sicily on August 20, 1922. As a teenager he showed passion for drawing and painting. Calogero attended the Liceo Artistico (college of arts) in the city nearby Etna. He went to France to further develop his Read more »

Robert K. Calvert

by July 14, 2017
© R.K. Calvert, Royal Mail Taunton Tram 20x30" Original Oil Painting (circa 1980)

Robert K. Calvert, British 20th Century artist. Artwork by R.K. Calvert in collection of Museum of Croydon, UK

Jean Camberoque

by September 22, 2014
© Jean Camberoque, les Musiciens 26x18", Original Oil Painting

Jean Camberoque was born in Carcassonne, France (1917 – 2001). Jean Camberoque was born in 1917 in Carcassonne, France.  Born in Carcassonne, France on rue Antoine Marty in his parents’ house where he had his studio.  Camberoque’s style was considered to be a Surrealist. He began painting in Read more »

Ricardo Cambronaro

by June 20, 2013
© Ricardo Cambronaro, The Event 39x30"

Ricardo Cambronaro (Madrid, Spain)

Enrico Campagnola

by December 16, 2013
© Enrico Campagnola, Woman's Face #1923 16x13"

Enrico Campagnola, deceased  (Italian, 1911-1984) Enrico Campagnola was Venetian and lived his childhood in Possagno, (Veneto) in the home of Canova.  His parents were Venetian, as he liked to point out.   Campagnola died on March 27th, 1984 in Besançon, where his parents had emigrated between WWI & II. He Read more »

Badia Camps

by June 10, 2014
© Badia Camps, Mother's love 20x14", Original Oil Painting on Board AO907

Badia Camps, Spanish artist born 1929. “Camps was born in 1929 which makes him a little bit older than most of the generation who worked for the U.K – a generation born after the Spanish Civil war growing up in a country that was both isolated and considerably poorer than Read more »

Ciro Canzanella

by December 17, 2015
© Ciro Canzanella Venice 24x31", Original Oil Painting

Ciro Canzanella was born in Naples, Italy in 1948. Italian Impressionist.