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Arnot Gallery Moving After 69 Years!

by on March 1, 2015

After 69 years in our current gallery location, the Landlord will not be renewing our lease!
Arnot Gallery has been in this same gallery space since 1946 when Herbert Arnot opened Herbert Arnot Inc.  With a few short months notice Arnot Gallery was advised by the Landlord that the gallery lease will not be renewed as full floors for corporate leasing will take the place of the gallery.  Onward with the times and the gallery future.  Please follow our GALLERY WEBSITE for updates as we have them for where the gallery will relocate to.  In the meantime, Arnot Gallery will be open for business in our current location until the end of June 2015.  The gallery website will continue to run 24/7!

With just a few months until we must move out of our gallery space this summer 2015, Arnot Gallery has been placed in a situation, with very short notice, where we are forced to CLOSE OUT many of our artist collections.  Please contact Vicki Arnot for more information regarding CLOSE OUT PRICING!  We thank all of our clients for their support!

Editorial in AWN magazine February 2015 Issue. Written by Editor Sarah Seamark:


After 69 years at 250, West 57th St., New York, where it was the oldest tenant, Arnot Gallery is relocating. As a result, it is downsizing its inventory and offering galleries the opportunity to take advantage of special pricing on entire artist collections. In business since 1863, Arnot Gallery specializes in paintings by European artists, as well as contemporary American.

Vicki Arnot, co-owner with her husband Peter, explains the move is not voluntary. Arnot Gallery is among other small businesses in the building that have been informed their leases are not being renewed, says Mrs. Arnot. “So what do you do? I am a firm believer that when one door closes a bigger and better door opens. We will go on a diet, tighten our belts, and sell artist collections because we can’t take them all with us.” In her e-mail newsletter, Mrs. Arnot states, “We will move. Where? We do not know and time is short between now and the summer when our lease ends. Will you help us with our trim down on many of our artists to assist with our move? You will be rewarded with substantial discounts.”

Already a good number of collections have sold out. “We have had a tremendous response,” she says. “Less will be more going forward when we will focus on the artists that we need to.” Meanwhile, current and prospective clients are invited to make an appointment to view the artwork, and to call Vicki Arnot at (212) 245-8287 or after hours at (917) 570-7910. E-mail Vicki Arnot at: arnotart@aol .com. Visit the website to view the collections at:

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