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August sneak peeks at Arnot Gallery!

by on July 27, 2015

Arnot Gallery has move to a new location!

August is the final month where we will have overlapping locations.

As we rebuild we are simultaneously dismantling 69 years of Arnot Gallery on 57th Street.  We look forward to being in one location as of September 1st at which time we will get our website cataloging started.  Our goal will be to have every painting at Arnot Gallery on our website before the end of 2015 [that is our goal!].  This means that our website will be evolving as new art is added, while sold art is removed systematically over a period of months.

In the meantime we will give you some ‘sneak peeks’ at the new Arnot Gallery location.  The ‘new’ Arnot Gallery will have transformed to a ‘By Appointment Only’ gallery.

Thank you for your patience during this period of restructuring of the Arnot Gallery.

For an appointment in our new gallery location please contact Vicki Arnot.  All contact information may be found by clicking on:


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